CADe SIMU for Android

CADe SIMU is an electrical and electronic technology application that allows you to create electronic circuit diagrams, PLCs and low signal correction circuits, among others . This is one of the most used tools when designing motor starting, high frequency circuits, among other tools for the study of electrical and electronics.

Even though it is such a popular and used application , CADe SIMU for Android is not currently available. In the future you could obtain a CADe SIMU APK for Android mobile devices, making it easy to install. For the moment, it is necessary to use alternative applications. Although we have searched, there is no alternative for PC SIMU on Android, if anyone finds it please contact us

What applications can be used instead of CADe SIMU Android?

mPlan : Electrical diagrams


Able to comfortably create the best electronic circuit diagrams and schematics on an Android device, mPLan is one of the best alternatives to CADe SIMU portable . This application has all kinds of electronic components to add to your diagram, implementing a simple drawing system for touch devices.

It is important that you use a high-resolution device, so that you can comfortably see all the parts and draw the diagrams easily. This application will allow you to run your diagrams, and perform simulations of simple electronic circuits.

Electrical Drawing: Diagram, Calculation & Symbol


For drawing electronic and electrical diagrams, a touch device can be a bit cumbersome. Thanks to Electrical Drawing , this changes drastically, because they have implemented a comfortable drawing system, with elements that are easy to grasp and comfortable to use.

You will be able to calculate engine RPM, design electrical installations by assigning all the correct symbols, and much more. Among the different symbols, you will find lamps, induction motors, relay contacts, switches and much more.

Electrical Drawing is one of the best alternative applications to CADe SIMU Android . You can download the APK directly or purchase it through the Play Store. Installation is very simple and is compatible with a large number of devices.

Electrical Wiring Diagram


Positioned as one of the best electrical diagram drawing applications for students of engineering, physics areas and much more. This Android application is also used by electronics professionals who are looking for a simple alternative to make all types of complex electrical diagrams.

With a large number of elements, you will have 3-connection switches , four-connection switches and many more available to use. You can check the type of color connection according to different countries, being one of the best alternatives for CADe SIMU Android that you will find online.

Electrical Motor Wiring diagram


If what you are looking to draw are specifically circuits and diagrams specialized in high or low frequency motors, Electrical Motor Wiring Diagram is the most suitable option. Being an excellent alternative for CADe SIMU Android , this application allows all types of complex diagrams on mobile.

The visual representation is one of the advantages of the application, because they are very comfortable to see and can help you wire all types of motors. They also have among the library of elements, complex electronic systems, capacitors, resistors, outlets of different types, among others. It is one of the best alternatives to wire electric motors on Android. If you are looking for how to use any of these applications on your MacBook , access it from this link.