Why are the lights in my house flickering?

reasons-lights-blink, because the lights in my house blink

It is a ghost? A random flicker of the lights in your house is usually harmless , but if you’re wondering “Why are the lights in my house flickering?” and it is something that happens frequently, you could have a big problem. Before calling the experts and doing an electrical inspection, let’s explore all the possible reasons.

Several different factors cause the lights to flicker. The most common reason is that the electrical system is momentarily saturated when an appliance or piece of equipment is plugged into the electrical grid. This happens frequently in older homes and is usually nothing to worry about, but perhaps you should consider upgrading your electrical system if this happens regularly. If the flickering is accompanied by a burning smell, call the electrician immediately.

Defective light switch


If there is a particular bulb or a series of bulbs controlled by the same switch that tend to cause the lights in my house to flicker frequently, this could be a sign of a faulty light switch . If not replaced, the particular switch can overheat and cause an electrical fire , so we advise you to stop using a faulty switch immediately until it can be repaired or replaced.

Failing equipment

Faulty equipment , such as a television or vacuum cleaner, can cause electrical system surges, causing lights to dim or flicker. If this happens, stop using that equipment until you can ensure that the appliance is repaired or replaced.

Why are my LED lights flickering?

The flickering of LED lights is usually a separate issue since in this case it has nothing to do with your electrical system , but rather with the dimmer switch on your lamps or lighting fixtures. A dimmer switch works by turning the electricity on and off several times per second. Since traditional light bulbs have a piece of hot metal that powers the light, the shiny metal slowly cools as it is turned off and on, creating the dimming effect. LED bulbs work differently and do not have heated filaments, so when a dimmer switch is used, the LED bulb turns on and off as the power supply does, causing the flickering. Although flickering can be annoying, it is completely harmless. To fix flickering in LED lights, look for dimmer switches made explicitly for LED bulbs.

When in doubt, call the experts

If the lights keep flashing and you can’t figure out the source of the problem, you could have a loose connection in your electrical system. But just in case call the electrician immediately. Electrical fires can be prevented if potential problems are addressed immediately.